Romantic SMS

Romance is a beautiful part of human life which adds beauty to our life, romance reflects our feelings, emotions and love to our soul mate. Romance plays a vital role in a happy life for us, as romance shows how much you like your soul mate and how you feels about him/her.


Suppose of a time, i.e. you are away from your soul mate and you want to express your Feelings via love texts, a SMS full of Romantic Words or a Romantic poetry can do the thing in your favor. Like other categories, SMSPUNCH has enlisted a collection of Romantic SMS for you; enjoy the romantic movements using our site. 

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Our new Female Director is too Sexy

'Santa to Employee: Our new Female Director is too Sexy,
Say, do you know who ....'

Papu to his GF in Romantic Mood

'Papu to his GF in Romantic Mood
Love is like Blue Water
My Love, you is oxyge....'


Since I met you

'I’m not the same since I met you,
The days turned longer the nights turned co....'

Thumped of my heart

'You are my fantasy in my slumber.

You are my vision in my eye.

You are ....'

Until the end of time

'My sweetest memory-our reunion

My greatest trouble the separation,

My gre....'

Love is the pinnacle of the purity of a

'Love is the pinnacle of the purity of a relationship
Being with you make me re....'


Missing you day and night

'Missing you day and night
That’s what I do these days
And nothing I the world....'

Since I have seen you

'Since I have seen you
Time and distances doesn’t matter
I don’t know how it h....'

Listen what the heart is saying

'Listen what the heart is saying
Listen what the moon is saying
Listen what th....'

Shining like a star

'Shining like a star
You are there for me in the dark
Thinking about you makes....'