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Islamic SMS and text messages are proving to be worthwhile to the people all over the world who like to resolve their religion based issues. Due to these issues there are a lot of people around the world who are in search for Islamic text messages websites from where they can send and receive text messages from their friends and loved ones. SMSpunch.com is a famous text messaging website which allows its users to just register themselves for free and send and receive latest Islamic text messages as well as other types of messages from their friends and loved ones.  This text messaging website has a vast collection of Islamic text messages which they have gathered from various Muftis and Islamic scholars who are famous among people all over the world for their huge knowledge of Islam. People who have any sort of religion-based issues are able to resolve by reading latest Islamic text messages present on this website. Friends and loved ones of the users of this website are very thankful to the owners of this website as they have gathered an accurate information about Islam and helped them to solve their confusions which they were anxious to ask Islamic scholars by themselves.

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'Trusting Allah won't make

Slopes littler,

In any case will make Climbin....'

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Submit by: Danish Khan
Mobile: +923314073305
Characters: 155
Date: 09-12-2014

'Nahin Mohtaaj main dunya ka ik tere siwa, “Ya Rab”, mere sajdy kabool kar ly me....'

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Submit by: Ariyan ali
Mobile: +923413790117
Characters: 146
Date: 04-29-2014

'If you want physical relationship with your lover, then find a place where Alla....'

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Submit by: Zoya
Mobile: +923236121466
Characters: 621
Date: 02-21-2014

'The one he who satisfied with that which Allah Almighty has blessed him will ne....'

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Submit by: Zubair
Mobile: +923347583252
Characters: 171
Date: 02-21-2014

'Sayings of Holly Prophet P.B.U.H:
Make it your habit to recite Istighfar
As I....'

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Submit by: maaz qureshi
Mobile: +923232027705
Characters: 228
Date: 02-19-2014

'Sayings of Muhammad P.B.U.H:
Holly Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H Said that see the ....'

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Mobile: +923452144413
Characters: 79
Date: 01-30-2014

'Allah Almighty has given control to man on various things
Allah remai....'

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Submit by: Saud Khan
Mobile: +923005452211
Characters: 27
Date: 01-29-2014

'The Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) said that a man who do not maintain balance between ....'

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Submit by: Artist
Mobile: +923334218759
Characters: 60
Date: 01-24-2014

'We see everyone fighting for religion, giving arguments for it, opposing it and....'

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Submit by: Mohammadwaqas
Mobile: +923056330253
Characters: 121
Date: 01-23-2014

'The believers always have two things with them steadfastness and gratitude. By ....'

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Submit by: idrees
Mobile: +923313367303
Characters: 606
Date: 01-22-2014

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