Good Morning SMS

Good Morning SMS includes the message collection which provides the Good Morning greetings. The Good Morning SMS in urdu to a loved one can remind him/her that you care for him/her. If the message of Good Morning reflects fresh and neat & clean feelings, it will make reader fresh and active.

A Lovely Good Morning

Sending the Good Morning SMS is a good habit which can concrete your relationship as it reflects that you care for the receiver on regular basis.Morning SMS reflects the freshness and a positive attitude that everyone requires in his/her daily day to day life routine. Moreover the Good Morning SMS can be a funny SMS or the Morning SMS for Sunday has its own value and you can find various Good Morning Text Messages on our site. Visit on daily basis to get the Good Morning SMS.

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Subah Ka Aghaz aek

'Good Morning Friends
Subah Ka Aghaz aek General Knowledge Question ke Sath

Start your Moring with Fresh

'Start your Moring with Fresh & Positive Thoughts
The Previous Victory Day that....'


Start the day with fresh mind

'Start the day with fresh mind
Positive Approach
And Killing Smile
If you can....'

Seeking forgiveness

'Seeking forgiveness makes Soul Pure
Now its up to you, that up to what extent ....'

It’s a morning

'It’s a morning which is more horrible than a dark night, this morning will make....'

Hazrat Ali R.A Said

'Hazrat Ali R.A Said that,
The best to get revenge from your enemy is to increa....'


Morning is a time

'Morning is a time to awaken all your abilities
It is a time to shake your mind....'

Good Morning

'Piyar ka ya rasta, dikhata hai Khyshion se bhara chaman
Lekin ya itna dushwar ....'

Smooth and quiet

'Coins dependably make sound,

Anyway the money notes are constantly quiet. ....'

Keep grinning

'Each morning I woke up,

You are the first to grin at me,

Each time I cl....'