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Good Morning SMS

Morning is the time when everyone has to start his/her day with a new starting and motto. Good Morning SMS includes the message collection which provides the Good Morning greetings. The Good Morning SMS in urdu to a loved one can remind him/her that you care for him/her. If the message of Good Morning reflects fresh and neat & clean feelings, it will make reader fresh and active. Sending the Good Morning SMS is a good habit which can concrete your relationship as it reflects that you care for the receiver on regular basis.

Latest Good Morning SMS Quotes

Morning SMS reflects the freshness and a positive attitude that everyone requires in his/her daily day to day life routine. Moreover the Good Morning SMS can be a funny SMS or the Morning SMS for Sunday has its own value and you can find various Good Morning Text Messages on our site. Visit smspunch.com on daily basis to get the Good Morning SMS.

Good Morning SMS in urdu

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Smooth and quiet
Good Morning SMS

'Coins dependably make sound,

Anyway the money notes are constantly quiet. ....'

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Submit by: inam ullah khan
Mobile: +923219604561
Characters: 84
Date: 10-19-2014

Keep grinning
Good Morning SMS

'Each morning I woke up,

You are the first to grin at me,

Each time I cl....'

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Submit by: Muhammad
Mobile: +923333775488
Characters: 160
Date: 10-19-2014

Stirred the earth
Good Morning SMS

'The breeze has stirred the earth,

Also sun has hued our reality,

The fe....'

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Submit by: Saleem sha
Mobile: +923214944536
Characters: 248
Date: 10-18-2014

'I would cross a thousand seas just to hold you tight,

I would climb a thous....'

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Submit by: tahir
Mobile: +923338029264
Characters: 94
Date: 10-12-2014

This stunning morning
Good Morning SMS

'This stunning morning,

Despite the fact that the sun is out sparkling,


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Submit by: asmat007
Mobile: +923476202149
Characters: 29
Date: 10-11-2014

'Snicker at your botches, yet gain from them.

Joke over your inconveniences,....'

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Submit by: Ijaz
Mobile: +923084708084
Characters: 93
Date: 10-11-2014

One of the delights in life
Good Morning SMS

'One of the delights in life

Is awakening day

With contemplations that s....'

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Submit by: chuza
Mobile: +923215425961
Characters: 109
Date: 09-21-2014

Heart is not a wicker bin
Good Morning SMS

Heart is not a wicker bin for keeping pressure

What’s more pity,


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Submit by: shahbaz
Mobile: +923458712539
Characters: 26
Date: 09-12-2014

Beautiful Sunrises Morning
Good Morning SMS

', ! / ,
- ( . ) -

Beautiful Sunrises Morning

Reminds us Everyday
We li....'

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Submit by: Zubair
Mobile: +923317698813
Characters: 165
Date: 09-09-2014

'Subah aik khoobsurat rehmat ha,

“Chahy jaisi bhi ho”

Apnay sath nai um....'

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Submit by: munna bhai
Mobile: +923414227412
Characters: 23
Date: 09-05-2014

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