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Birthday SMS

Messages are the common way to deliver what you want to say to someone or a group of person. If the message is relating to some special occasion, like Happy Birthday SMS or Anniversary SMS etc, then you indeed would be looking for some really special and unique SMS that will attract the conveyors and he/she will be very thankful to you for such greeting message.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday is the remarkable event for everyone in the life and everyone is looking for greetings on that day. Greeting yours relative, friend, class mate, and colleague or business partner has a great value and brings you more closely and increase the frankness between your relations as well. smspunch.com is providing the Birthday SMS to its subscribers, regular readers or to the guest who visit our site. Enjoy the Happy Birthday Wishes on our site.

Happy Birthday sms in urdu

Total SMS: (497)



'I wish your life may as fragrant as like flowers
Smile always welcomes you eve....'

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Submit by: Ayub
Mobile: +923228096706
Characters: 173
Date: 01-31-2014

'Flowers are desperate to greet you this day
Sun is shining to wish you a happy....'

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Submit by: fahad
Mobile: +923316552138
Characters: 23
Date: 01-29-2014

'It’s a merry day folks
Because it’s someone birthday
Someone who brought laug....'

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Submit by: Faheem
Mobile: +923154256221
Characters: 57
Date: 01-24-2014

'It’s your birthday and you are crying
See the time is flying
And soon the day....'

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Submit by: Arshad
Mobile: +923465091766
Characters: 41
Date: 01-23-2014

'The time has come to cry out
Hallelujah it’s your birthday
The time has come ....'

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Submit by: Ikraash
Mobile: +923136965929
Characters: 129
Date: 01-22-2014

'The day is so bright and you look so delight
It’s your birthday
Oh you have o....'

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Submit by: Rabia
Mobile: +923132549037
Characters: 112
Date: 01-21-2014

'Oh the day of celebration has come
The day of sanguine has arrived
And I am h....'

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Submit by: afzaalpoetry.blogspot.com
Mobile: +923334530087
Characters: 104
Date: 01-20-2014

'It’s your birthday
But have you confirmed the date
Because last night heard f....'

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Submit by: afzaalpoetry.blogspot.com
Mobile: +923334530087
Characters: 150
Date: 01-17-2014

'Have a happy and blessed day
It’s your birthday
See everyone has gathered to ....'

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Submit by: ali raza
Mobile: +923316515707
Characters: 214
Date: 01-16-2014

Happy birthday to you
Birthday SMS

'Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
May you reside in zoo
And they p....'

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Submit by: Wasim
Mobile: +923212496154
Characters: 69
Date: 01-10-2014

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